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Rocky's world

Sleeping in the guest room

Life in Cessy Posted on Tue, October 16, 2007 17:37:12

Sometimes when I sleep, I like to sleep on my back with my legs in the air. Who doesn’t???
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I also sometimes stretch my leegs in my sleep.
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Yawn…what is this is somebody taking photos of me??
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Sometimes when I sleep, I have my tongue sticking out just a little bit….ahhhh, I am tired! I think I will take another nap!
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Marion and Lars seem to be excited about something!

Life in Cessy Posted on Tue, October 16, 2007 16:59:19

I dunno what it is but Marion and Lars have been very excited about something the past few weeks.

Maybe something big is about to happen????

A morning walk

Life in Cessy Posted on Mon, September 17, 2007 16:00:53

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Hmmmm, I think there is something funny here. Better go for a sniff!

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He -he, tricked him again!!! I just looked away at the very last minute when Lars was taking the photo.

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But here he got me!!

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Doesn’t it just look great down by the lake in Cessy on a crisp morning in September. That is the Jura mountains you can see in the background. If you would like to have this as a background on your computer I am sure Lars would send it to you if you asked him nicely!

I just love it down there!!!

I was here first!

Life in Cessy Posted on Tue, September 11, 2007 16:56:19

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Look – when I get there first the chair is mine!!

It is really not fair that Lars tries to squeeze in as well!

I like BBQs

Life in Cessy Posted on Tue, September 11, 2007 16:52:50

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A couple of weeks ago we were at a BBQ at the neighbors. John did a very good job on the BBQ. As you can perhaps tell from this picture, I also like BBQs a lot.

Houdini Dog!!

Life in Cessy Posted on Tue, September 11, 2007 16:38:01

Lars and Marion have started to call me a Houdini dog. This is because I have figured out that sometimes I can get out in the garden even when the door is locked!

I discovered a couple of weeks ago that sometimes when teh door is locked if I just keep trying the door might open after 8-12 attempt.

Imagine their surprise when they came home and found me in the garden and the door wide open.

My blog

Life in Cessy Posted on Sun, September 09, 2007 17:30:44

I am Rocky.
I live in Cessy in France – just across the border from Geneva, Switzerland.
I was born in July 2000, so I am 7 years old now.
I live with Marion and Lars in our little house here in Cessy.
They originally got me from the animal shelter called SOS Animeaux in Pitegny. That is only about a kilometer from where I live now.
I was seven month old when they picked me up there in February 2001.
Back then they lived in Ferney Voltaire, which is about 10 km from here.
I love lying on the bench on th ebalcony looking ove my garden.
I also love playing with my toys in the garden and going for long walks.
I plan to use my blog to keep my friends updated on what happens in my life.